Talk about social engineering🙄

Kevin Mitnick said that man's greatest enemy is man, and that's right,We, human beings, are the greatest enemies. Human fragility often has many facets.

below I will list a few people's weaknesses

  1. lonely person
  2. Arrogant
  3. Humble person
  4. People who do not do their best
  5. ......

Of course there are many more...
today I want to tell you one of them, which includes micro-expressions, psychosocial logic, etc.
before we begin, let's look at micro-expressions. The so-called micro-expressions, including your blinks, breathing, ears, nose movements, etc.

when you lie, your eyes can't help but look elsewhere. This is inevitable. Secondly, if you are not good at expressing, then when you talk to others, you will not dare to look directly at each other. One of your reasons for being a friend

By the way, I also rarely interact with friends in real life. Except for some things that are useful to me, to be honest, I do n’t think students and teachers in our school know what interpersonal communication is, which also makes me stay away from them. The reason is that they are really too stupid, very stupid, slow to speak 😔😔😔

but fortunately, the internet has brought me back to the world :D

Collecting information from others

Last week, I was attacked by people in my country with social engineering :(
Among them, he used the database in his hand to attack me, and put my ID card, name (China records and Facebook can see), phone number (only useless to receive mail), and QQ (exposed long ago)

When he sent these messages to me, I was not surprised. After all, I had found out that my information had been leaked long ago. Now I am a transparent person, but I also know that he does not use any database. The real database is in our country's highest cyber security police management office. It is very difficult to obtain (unless someone uses social engineering to attack)

This robot is in the telegram and it's free😜 i really feel like he's showing new things like a monkey, it seems he's ignorant

Now, everyone ’s data can be seen on Google, Yahoo, FaceBook and many other sizes of websites. I do n’t think it ’s a leak. After all, people are transparent. Well, let ’s say, where we are today In this era, the Internet is very developed

My friends, I want to tell you, try not to post some political words on the Internet. This may cause you to be caught by the local police. For example, I downloaded a database of the entire country from the dark web.

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