Use Ads-b device tracking civil aviation (English)

Before you start, you need an ads-b device like this ↓

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I took some important things from the inside

you can see that the aviation frequency is 1090Hz, including 119-120MHz these ranges are used by civil aircraft

Okay let's get back to the topic

Software you need to prepare

  • HDSDR (Used to listen to aviation conversations)
  • Virtual Radar (can be data displayed on the web)
  • SBStoFSDproxy (forwarding port)
  • rtl1090 or Dump1090 Project (get aircraft data)

Ok , here we go

my operating system uses Windows 10, Linux can use dump1090 and must compile the driver......
on Windows, we need the rtl1090 driver. The red circle in the picture below

Then put it in the root directory of rtl1090, then we create a shortcut and add / 30003 on the target (for forwarding port 30003) , then run it and you will see his code scrolling line by line

if all goes well, you will see the aircraft displayed on your software, including flight, aircraft model, and date, as well as altitude, etc. then let's open SBStoFSDproxy and configure it like this

then a bunch of data is returned, then you succeed

Next we configure the web map , you need to download VirtualRadarDatabase, which can be used to store aircraft data Then install the program.

Then wait a few seconds for the plane to appear on your screen :D



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