Use c118 to build a fake base station and send text messages (English)

Last year, I wrote an article on SMS sniffing in my WeChat public account. Of course, there are not many steps, just a few pictures.

Micro base station SMS sniffing, GSM network security prevention and SMS security defense

But in order to better understand the overall operation of the GSM system, I decided to understand more deeply, so I dismembered my device into this

(LazyTools :D)

I used the 2.5mm interface to find three DuPont wires and took black tape.

Then connect with a cp2102 module

The last picture looks so beautiful, I feel like I've seen it before,

Oh! correct! iron Man! !! !! The mk23 iron armor inside! !! !!

Yeah ( •̀ ω •́ )

pretty good looking

Well, back to the topic, I will not re-establish the environment, it is too troublesome . copy and paste

Understand the GSM system, first put out the relevant links, and if you are interested, take a look for yourself.

So the question is, how do you check if your phone is connected to the GSM network?
you can enter the corresponding engineering code in the phone of your mobile phone

as you can see, the network access method, the mobile phone automatically helps us choose GSM / WCDMA, of course, you can also manually switch, you will know the details of the later experiments.

OK, next I will scan SMS messages by setting up OpenBTS

The official wiki indicates that their system is implemented via GSM BTS



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